Dharma Jam

Dharma Jam is a modern Buddhist dance ritual. Beginning with collective intention and seated meditation, Jams progress through three phases aligned with the Buddha (arrival into our bodies with stillness and slow movement), Dharma (expanding the range and speed of movement), and Sangha (broadening attention from the individual to the collective dance). Refocusing and inspirational Dharma comments are offered at the beginning of each of these phases. Jams close with a danced dedication and a seated reflection circle. The movement and dance period is supported by an arcing playlist of recorded music, with attention to fostering sacred and celebratory soundscape. 2 hours.


"With a skilled attunement to others, no matter their age, gender, or physical ability, he created a safe environment, allowing the body the freedom to experience its own creative, unencumbered expression of being alive."

--Jean Esther, Psychotherapist and Teacher at Insight Meditation Center of Pioneer Valley, Northampton, MA

Dance, Pray, Rebel

This class offers practice formats for mindfulness-based movement, dance, and spontaneous spoken prayer, as well as reflection on Extinction Rebellion's climate activism as a model for implementing the Buddha's 4 Noble Truths in our own lives. We culminate in a multi-modal improv mandala. Originally offered as a 4-part series over 7 hours and can be tailored to different timeframes.

Dancing with Dharma Retreat

These retreats include a Dharma talk, guided meditations (standing, walking, and seated), mindfulness-based hip hop instruction, improvisational movement, and small group discussions, and conclude with a Dharma Jam. 1/2 to full day.


"I recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested to incorporate movement into their practice."

--Sebene Selassie

Executive Director, New York Insight Meditation Center 

Breakin' with Buddha

This workshop begins with a brief overview of mindfulness followed by guided standing and walking meditation. We then bring this foundation of mindfulness into dance instruction with a series of basic hip-hop moves. The workshop concludes with open, improvisational dance followed by small group reflections. 90 minutes.


"Student reactions and reflections were incredibly positive about their day of movement and mindfulness. I was most impressed about the student’s ability to seamlessly relate the content back to course readings and discussions."

--Emily Mann, Associate Teaching Professor of Human Services, Northeastern University