Introduction to Mindfulness (1 hour)

My intro to mindfulness includes standing, walking, and seated guided meditations, as well as small group discussions and Q & A. I tailor my approach to your specific setting and context, and provide handouts and two guided MP3 meditations as further resources. My overall goal is to disillusion people from the idea that "good meditation" means completely emptying the mind and feeling perfectly calm. Rather, I offer practical techniques to increase self-awareness and ease amidst whatever the moment brings. 


"My students loved Harrison's mindfulness and meditation training, and I was impressed by his generous and professional presentation. In my course

evaluations, many students shared they were

still using the techniques he taught them at the end of the semester. Harrison gets rave reviews from me and all of the students in Italian 333 at UMass!" 

--Dr. Stacy Giufre, Director of the Graduate Program in Italian,

UMass Amherst

"Taught me effective ways to lessen anxiety using small breaks of mindfulness that I will use in the workplace."

--Northeastern University College of Engineering Staff

Workplace Mindfulness and Interpersonal Effectiveness (1/2 day)

This session begins with a presentation of recent research on mindfulness in the workplace followed by several guided mindfulness practices. I then train participants in a mindfulness-based communication script drawn from Dialectical Behavior Therapy that supports productive problem solving and self-advocacy. Role plays with this script are based in realistic workplace challenges. Duration of session can be tailored to your program.


This training received a 95% approval rating in an anonymous survey from College of Engineering staff of Northeastern University.

Four-Week Series (1 hour/week)

Weekly themes are: 1) mindfulness of the body, 2) mindfulness of breathing, 3) mindfulness and stress, and 4) mindfulness in daily life. I tailor the classes to your specific setting and context, and have previously taught this series to mental health professionals working at Franciscan Children's acute psychiatric units. I provide the resources of the Intro training with the addition of a guided MP3 meditation on relating to stressful situations with mindfulness.


"This series was incredibly helpful in all aspects...The most helpful thing about this series was learning different ways to cope and relieve stress and anxiety.--Unit 1 Behavioral Health Staff, Franciscan Children's

Mindfulness Consulting

Mindfulness can enhance well being on a personal, collective, and organizational level. My mindfulness consulting, whether one on one or organization-wide, draws from my experience designing a 4-week series for mental health staff at Franciscan Hospital for Children, creating a 10-week progression of mindfulness practices for Northeastern University courses, as well as my extensive experience in one on one mindfulness instruction and spiritual counseling. One-time or ongoing sessions, as available.

Buddhist Teaching / Spiritual Counseling

While I often teach in secular contexts, I love working and teaching in Buddhist settings, from co-directing study abroad trips through Northern India to leading the Northeastern Buddhist Group to offering retreats in Buddhist centers. I'm an authorized Community Dharma Leader in the Insight Meditation tradition of Theravada Buddhism, and am particularly interested in broadening access to the teachings across potential barriers created by race and class (see my MAP page). Please let me know if you’re interested in Buddhist programming, whether one on one counseling or group instruction.

"At the end of the semester, I give my students a survey to see what was most effective, and what they don't like. Many talked about Harrison Blum's presentation as their favorite part of the class. Mr. Blum made complex Buddhist ideas lucid for all the students, and his interactive method gave them a hands-on understanding that would last beyond the semester."

--Roman Palitsky, Religion Department, Hunter College

Getting Started on Your Own

Mindfulness Meditation Basics
An overview to get you started.
Mindfulness Meditation Basics.pdf
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